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Saidaiji Senior High School
Business Course
General Course
International Communication and Computing Course

Japan and Okayama Prefecture

  Okayama Castle    A statue of Momotaro
Introduction of Okayama

Okayama Prefectural Saidaiji Senior High School
URL: http://www.saidaizi.okayama-c.ed.jp/saidai.htm
E-mail address: saidaizi@pref.okayama.jp
Address: 2-1-17 Saidaiji-Kami Higashi-ku Okayama-shi Okayama-ken JAPAN
Telephone: 086-942-4150    Fax: 086-942-4152
The nearest Railroad Station:Saidaiji Station 10 minutes on foot JR Ako Line
●  ●  ● Introduction  ●   ●   ●

The school was founded  in the 34th  year of the Meiji era (1901) as Saidaiji Municipal Girls' School. The school changed its name to Okayama Prefectural Saidaiji Senior High School in the 24th year of the Showa  period  (1949). The curriculum  is  continuously  evolving to  provide  the students with the best possible learning experience. Since the  11th  year  of  the Heisei period (1999) Saidaiji students have been able to enroll in our unique International Communication and  Computing course, in addition to the previously  offered   Business  and  General courses. Surrounded by  plenty of  verdant trees,  the students train themselves physically and mentally through studying and participating in club activities.
●   ●   ● Educational Goals ●   ●   ●
1. To elevate intellects and seek to build a more highly educated,
   dignified character.
2. To produce cosmopolitan adults who are cooperative and
3. To cultivate humane, bright and promising members of society
   through mental and physical training.

●   ●   ●  Three Courses  ●   ●   ●
Business Course
Students are trained to be specialists who can contribute to society by acquiring expert knowledge through a specialized business education. The focus of study varies in each grade. The first-year students learn fundamentals of business. From the second year students choose to pursue one of three areas : information technology, accounting or management.

General Course
This course is for students aiming to go to college. Students receive instruction in a variety of subjects, which help them determine what they will want to do after graduation. They study 12 to 14 different subjects each year.
International Communication and Computing Course
Founded in 1999, this course is set up to equip its students with computer skills and the four skills of English : listening, speaking, reading and writing. With the help of an ALT, students develop their communication abilities and deepen their understanding of other cultures and peoples, operating computers in some classes.

●   ●   ● Club Activities  ●   ●   
Sports Clubs

Track and Field   Table Tennis       Volleyball

Basketball           Baseball            Soft Tennis

Judo      Kendo    Badminton          Soccer

Fencing               Handball             Karate   

Culture Clubs

Broadcasting       Astronomy          Brass Band

Cooking               Newspaper          English

Tea Ceremony     Flower Arrangement         Calligraphy

History                Computer            Fine  Art        

Dance                  Business             Drama

Photography       JRC                     Japanese Harp   

Go / Japanese Chess                  Comics                 Folk Song

Major School Events